1. What is the training program in AFAQ?
    The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering program in AFAQ is approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA, and the graduates will be qualified to obtain EASA Part 66 Aircraft Engineering License.
  2. The duration of the program?
    Four years. Two years theory and Two years maintenance experience (practical training), after obtaining the license, it requires 10 to 12 months to get the BSc degree.
  3. What certification or degree achieved after completing the program?
    EASA Part 66 Aircraft Engineering License – Category B or Category A
  4. Will I get a job?
    There is No job guarantee but High flyers can be selected for employment by our partners.
  5. Is the certificate recognized by Ministry of Education?
    No, we are an Aviation specialized academy accredited by Bahrain Civil Aviation Affairs.
  6. How old is AFAQ?
    We started in 2009
  7. Did any student graduated so far?
    The First batch of students completed the theoretical training and are currently doing practical training in Gulf Air and MENA Aerospace
  8. If the English is poor, how can we help?
    We don't provide English language training but we give assistance in Technical English and essay writing
  9. Is transportation available?
    Transportation can be arranged for a group of students with additional fees.
  10. Syllabus of the program?
    • 13 Subjects in Aircraft Engineering Mechanical Part 66 Category B1
    • 12 Subjects in Aircraft Engineering Avionics Part 66 Category B2
    • Practical skills training
  11. Nationality of Instructors?
    Bahrainis & Expatriates
  12. BSc and further degrees?
    Available after the licenses with Coventry University and Emirate Aviation College
  13. Where is the on-job-training and details about it?
    MENA Aerospace in Bahrain Airport – Fly NAS – NASTECH in KSA
    AFAQ will take care of it A-Z