At a time when I was confused about what to do with my future, AFAQ introduced me to what I did not realize was my dream job. Now I am one step closer to becoming an aircraft engineer, and I grow fonder of the field every day.. Thanks to AFAQ. Aysha Alsulaiti

Challenge motivates me most. AFAQ gave me the motivation to fulfill my dream in a very professional manner and now I am in my way to be an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Mina Sabri

Since my childhood I dreamt of being an engineer and specifically in the avation field. AFAQ made my dream become true... I believe now I am in the right place. Moath Janahi

I find myself to be very fortunate to be presented with an opportunity to join AFAQ, a group of very sophisticated people where I can learn about the things I am most interested in. Duaij Salman Bin Zaiman